Colour Renew Crystals Box

Colour Renew Crystals Box

Product code: 760560

Type: Powder Size: 5
  • £21.99 (+ vat)

Wella Colour Renew 5 x 9 Gm Crystal Powder

A zero damage colour reducer to adjust,change and correct undesired permanent colour results.
It#s a gentle alternative to persulfate products to reduce undesired oxidative colour while respecting the natural hair melanin without lightening the natural hair colour.

Reduces undesired colour results.
Gently cleanses excessive oxidative colour in depth and tone.
Respects the natural hair structure.
Does not lighten the natural colour.
Optimises and prepares the hair for new colour.
Easy and reliable application.
Peroxide free, Persulfate free, Parfum free.

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