Majirel Hight Lift

Product code: 451063

Type: Permanent Colour: Ash Violet Size: 50ml
  • £7.99 (+ vat)

Our coolest and most neutralising blonde shades.

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Our coolest and most neutralising blonde shades.A cool and declicate blonde that is our most bright and shimmering.The hair is cared for from root to tip, thanks to Ion?ne G and Incell technology,providing silky soft feeling hair.With the introduction of Icium+, a new iridescent colourant used for the first time in a L'Or?al Professionnel product, it provides extra neutralisation delivering shimmering icy results.Up to 4.5 levels of lift.Majirel High Lift does not cover white hair.It is possible however, to apply Majirel High Lift to hair that has a small percentage (30% maximum) of evenly distributed white hair.Long-lasting permanent colour.Available in 50 ml tube.

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