Keratin Revolution 16oz System Kit

Keratin Revolution 16oz System Kit

Product code: 940014

Type: Moisturising Size: 16oz
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Keratin Revolution 16oz System Kit

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Keratin Complex has become the market leader in the smoothing category and has revolutionized the colour industry with Color Therapy.A complete keratin enhanced hair collection.Intelligent Blow-Dry is a smart in salon service that builds the foundation of healthier looking hair in all hair types.The unique ingredients in the three part system work synergistically to strength the hair and reduce damage from previous treatments,environmental stressors or styling practices.Keratin Complex's signature keratin is an innovative technology binds keratin protein to the hair,this process helps prevent humidity from penetrating the hair,thus locking out frizz.Glycolic Acid helps retain moisture,reduce rough texture,and maintain optimal pH.It also increases softness and manageability.Cysteine is an essential amino acid that reinforces the cuticle and helps strengthen damaged hair.Botanical ingredients with nourishing extracts help to improve the overall condition of the hair,while delivering superior softness and shine.

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