The Edge UV Gel Nail Kit - NO LAMP

The Edge UV Gel Nail Kit - NO LAMP

Product code: 030190

Type: Gel Kit
  • £62.00 (+ vat)

The Edge UV Gel Nail Kit - NO LAMP

The Edge Salon Professional Nail Product.This one component gel is an ever popular system and can create a beautiful, strong and durable nail enhancement.The perfect choice where strong odours are a problem.Contains: UV Gel Clear 30g, UV Gel Pink 30g, UV Gel Hollywood White 5g, UV Gel Wipe Off Solution 100ml, Sterilising Spray 60ml, Sterilising Gel 60ml, Acetone 60ml, Cuticle Oil 10ml, Nail Fresh 100ml, Lint Free Pads Qty 50, Nail Glue 3g, 20 Olympic Assorted Tips, 20 Active Assorted Tips, 20 Ultra Assorted Tips, 20 Big C Assorted Tips, 20 French White Competition Tips, 20 Natural Competition Tips, Tip Blender 15ml, Pink Tip Cutters, Duraboard 240/240, White Block, Duraboard 100/180, Jumbo Buffer, Primer Pen, 6" Manicure Sticks Qty 5, No. 5 Flat Gel Brush.Edge Nails provides professional nail care at an affordable price without compromising on quality.

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