WP Creatine+ Curl N/R Hair Kit

WP Creatine+ Curl N/R Hair Kit

Product code: 760614

Type: Normal Size: Single
  • £5.14 (+ vat)

Creatine+ Wella Perm Kit provides the perfect perm every time.

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Wella Creatine+ Curl Kit (N) provides the optimum permed look for normal to resistant hair types with the help of the Creatine+ Wella Perm Kit.
Formulated with an advanced Creatine+ Complex of highly conditioning ingredients, the Creatine+ Curl Kit creates long-lasting glossy curls with gravity-defying bounce.
Creatine+ Wella Perm Kit includes perm lotion, neutraliser and pre-treatment.
Also available for coloured and sensitised hair types.

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