Jaguar 6 Timeless Scissor

Jaguar 6 Timeless Scissor

Product code: 620261

Size: 6 inch
  • £99.00 (+ vat)

Jaguar 6 Timeless Scissor

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The new Timeless scissor features spectacular simplicity,Timeless bridges the gap between classic aesthetics and modern ergonomics.The scissors feature the cutting properties of White Line class with hollow grinding and honing of both blades for long lasting and good slice cutting.The line of the blade,which tapers to a point at the front,continues in the clear handle shanks and find its perfect conclusion in the beautifully shaped,forged finger rest.The straight,clean line keeps the fingers aligned and creates an easy posture when cutting.The round thumb ring not only forms the formal contrast,but also gently guides the cutting finger.
Available in two sizes 5.5" and 6"
Thinning Scissors available in a 6"

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